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A registered nurse is a healthcare professional who provides care for sick persons. Duties in Louisiana MO include administering medications, taking vital signs, and documenting progress in the patient’s record. Registered nurses must pass comprehensive licensing examinations in the states where they work. The average starting salary for a registered nurse is around $40,000 per year with those working in large urban hospitals and in specialty areas earning more. Bachelor and Master’s level nurses often work in nursing administration or education.

A person who desires to become a nurse should have some interest in biological and social sciences. They should also have character traits such as patience and the ability to get along with people. The ability to work well under pressure is essential, however the rewards can be great. The feeling that comes with helping individuals overcome illness and physical obstacles along with job security make nursing a wonderful career.

How to become a registered nurse in Louisiana MO

registered nurse education Louisiana MOThere are several avenues to reach the goal of becoming a RN. One option is to earn an associate degree in nursing. Associate degree nurses attend community colleges or junior colleges in Louisiana MO, usually for two years. Graduates of two-year programs take courses such as English, math, and science as well as the clinical courses necessary to become licensed. They take the same licensing examination as bachelor’s level graduates. Some students entering RN programs at the associate degree level require remedial coursework if the high school record is weak. If this is the case, they can usually complete a program within three years.

Some hospitals in Louisiana MO offer nursing education programs. Graduates of these programs usually earn a nursing diploma. Diploma nursing programs, like associate degree programs, emphasize the clinical aspects of nursing but liberal arts, social sciences and science courses are also taken by students in these programs.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs are offered by four year colleges and universities. Students who matriculate in these programs take many courses and electives along with clinical nursing courses. Graduates of these programs usually work to gain a few years of experience and then move into nursing administration.

Another recent option for choosing RN is the a bachelor’s degree in nursing that can be earned by persons holding degrees in other areas. This fast track type program is usually available through a partnership between hospitals and colleges. Because they already have most of the colleges courses they need, students can complete their clinical courses and in some cases earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing in as little as two years. Usually the student in Louisiana MO must agree to work for a period at the sponsoring hospital.

Registered Nursing Educational Requirements in Louisiana MO

With the current and pending shortages in the Louisiana MO nursing industry, there has never been a better time to consider a career as a registered nurse (RN). With an estimated quarter of a million nursing positions available by the end of this decade, and the continuing move toward nursing specialization, this area of the health care industry offers unprecedented opportunities for you to choose your own area of interest, serve the community in which you live, and earn a good income at the same time. Before embarking on a career as a registered nurse, however, it is important to understand the educational requirements necessary to obtain a nursing license.

To begin with, it is important for you to ensure that you meet the standard prerequisites for entry into a registered nursing school. While each school in Louisiana MO varies slightly in the types of coursework they expect you to have completed prior to admission, there are some general guidelines that apply to all. There is, for example, an expectation that you have completed either the SAT or ACT examinations, though the minimum acceptable scores may vary. The same holds true for your grade point average – schools require a GPA of somewhere between a 2.0 and a 3.25. High school coursework should include three years of math and science, two years experience with a foreign language, and four complete years of high school English.

Your goal in nursing school will be to obtain your license as an RN – though you may eventually want to further your education to enable additional specialization. Becoming an RN in Louisiana MO will require that you eventually sit for the professional nursing examination provided by your state. The purpose of nursing school is not merely to train you to be a nurse, but to also prepare you to pass this exam and receive your license.

Before you can sit for the state exam, you will need to get either a hospital diploma or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing. A nursing diploma generally takes three years to complete, while an associates or bachelor’s degree requires two and four years respectively. Depending upon where you take your courses, the costs of obtaining your RN license can range from three thousand dollars a year at a local community college to as much as twenty thousand dollars a year at the finer private institutions.

Financial assistance in Louisiana MO is often available to those who qualify, with grants and loans available from both private sources and government entities. Many students who know that they want to pursue a career in nursing fill out the government aid forms before they complete high school.

If you have the resolve to complete the educational requirements necessary to earn your license as a registered nurse – including often difficult coursework in anatomy, biology, and other areas of science – then you will find a host of diverse career opportunities in Louisiana MO awaiting you when your studies are done. You will also have a job market desperately in need of your services for years, if not decades, to come.